Live For Today


My resolution for 2014 is to have a more positive outlook on life. Well, one of the ways I plan to achieve that is to learn to live for today.

All too often, we tend to focus on what’s next to come in our lives. We rarely take a moment to embrace the present. For example, I am a worrier and I always worry about what could happen later on. I recently started a new job and I often think about what’s going to happen when I leave my position although I’m not going anywhere for a while. I recently became engaged and I constantly worry about my marriage failing and I’m not even married yet!

Life is full of “what ifs”. There are too many possible outcomes for us to contemplate all of them so why waste that precious time. Not that planning for the future isn’t important, but today is what matters. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Therefore, vow to take more time to view the present as a gift because that’s exactly what it is; a gift from God. Everytime you smile or laugh, be grateful. Those are the moments that count and you don’t want to miss them focusing on the ones that haven’t even happend yet.

Live for Today.

-Jamie Rachelle

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