Bantu Knot out Tutorial


I am a natural hair girl. In my 23 years of life I’ve never have any type of perm or relaxer on my hair. Sometimes it can be frustrating to style my 3b curl pattern since my curls seem to have a mind of their own, so I often experiment with different styles. I was reluctant to try bantu knots because I have only seen tutorials for girls with thicker, tighter curls. However, I wanted to try this out so that I would know if it would work on “mixed girls’ hair”.

Step 1:

Start with clean, dry hair. Section your hair for each bantu knot depending upon the thickness of your hair. Since my hair is kind of thin, I only had 9. Also, the more you have, the smaller your curls with be and vice versa.

Use a small amount of your favorite serum or cream and comb it through the section before twisting. Twist your hair into the knot and secure the ends with a bobby pin or by wrapping a small rubber band around it only once or twice.

After all of the knots are finished. Put on a satin bonnet and go to sleep. (You can also put a plastic shower cap under your bonnet to create moisture while you sleep and help set your style.)

Step 2:

Wake up! Take off your bonnet and if you used a shower cap, give your hair some time to dry (about 30 mins or so). Untwist each knot by twisting in the opposite direction.

Step 3:

To avoid frizz, use more serum or cream on your fingers while separating your curls. Separate each section according to your desired thickness, fluff your curls, and rock your style!


I did this on completely dry hair. Some people will blow dry their hair straight before, but to avoid heat styling, I let my hair air dry and brushed it often to help straighten it.

I wouldn’t try this on wet or damp hair because it would probably take forever to dry while in the knots.

The only product I used was Suave shine serum because that’s all I had on hand at the time, but some pomade or cream would’ve helped fight the frizz.

This style lasted almost all day. (I was outside most of the day and the wind beat my hair up.)

I hope this tutorial helps someone. If you try it or have any questions please feel free to comment below. Good luck!l

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