I am Jamie Rachelle, a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I love to write, create and inspire. So, I created this blog to share my passions with the world and to express the importance of having a great sense of self-worth and a love for God.

I hope to inspire you, share my love for all things beautiful and my God-given gifts with you. I’m sure you’ll find something here that will bless you. If you enioy your stay, please come back and share this blog with a friend.

With Love ♥,

Jamie Rachelle

8 thoughts on “About Jamie

  1. markeithwoods says:

    Hy, I loved your story and would like you to write about my testimony let me know if you would be interested. I posted a video of be talking so you can get an idea where I’m coming from.

  2. Rae says:

    OMG!!! I came across this post and I loved it…funny thing is my boyfriend always say stop feeding into what social has because people only post what they want u to see and majority of the time it’s only the good life..thank you for that beautiful message…

  3. ETHAN says:

    Sis…you’re a beautiful individual spiritually,emotionally, and physically. Came across this today..I know I’m late but if you ever see it know bro got to it and it was a new inspiration. Thanks. And continue to uplift people…we ALL need a little motivation at times. Love you!

  4. Lelia Thompson says:

    I read”a native of Pine Bluff”, and my heart literally smiled.

    I myself come from Memphis TN, and lately had a conversation with a co worker where he encouraged I find a mentor. I found myself looking at movie stars, and singers, but not once did I consider someone from a place similar to my own. You have choosen to not only live your life and share your God given talents with the world, you found that strength even in Arkansas! I don’t know how often you hear this, but I appreciate this and you more then you could know. Be blessed Queen, and thank you very much! 😊

  5. Sandra Paradise-Johninson says:

    Hello Jamie,
    What a blessing to see a young woman such as yourself step out and share with other young women. Although I’m much older I truly appreciate you seeing God as your “true” love. I concur. I recently remarried (9 months) after almost 40 years of marriage due to death of spouse and God truly showed me that he was my rock, my source, my core, my focal point for life. We are studying Pricilla Shirer’s Armor of God and as you encourage others, recognize all will not celebrate your efforts; but as the first lesson in the chapter has reaffirmed to us as believers, you do have an enemy and it is satan, so do not ever stop what you are doing. Keep on shining, Keep bringing life and hope to others. God Bless you, sister of God

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