Ooh you almost had it! You gotta be quicker than that…We’ve all been there; when you’re almost to the point of your BREAKthrough, and you try to keep pushing, but you get tired. You can’t find the strength to fight life anymore, but you don’t want to give up. You just need to hit the pause button on life. You need a break.

It’s been almost two months since I’ve blogged. I love to write and get so much joy from sharing my posts to inspire others. So, after my blog began to grow tremendously and I started to get hundreds of thousands of views (hundreds of thousands!), I thought it was the perfect time to expand. I started to look into buying my domain, and selling ads so that I could turn my blog into a brand. I had so many ideas and was super excited about finally living out my purpose. However, I couldn’t seem to find the time to make all of this happen, and to make matters worse, I was hit hard by a case of writer’s block. I know it sounds crazy, but what may have seemed like the perfect opportunity for my blog, may have just been the wrong timing for God’s will, and I trust that. So, I took a break.

Photo Credit: Freeman Fotography

God says:
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
-Matthew 11:28

How many of us actually take advantage of this promise from God? Can you honestly say that you can step away from your life’s situation right now, even if things are starting to look up? We will wear ourselves out so much trying to reach our breakthrough that when we get there, we’re too exhausted to appreciate it. We only like to rest when we know things are okay. When our bills are paid, there’s food in our fridge, and our favorite team won the Sunday night football game it’s too easy to relax. The question is, can you seek God for rest when you’ve been working overtime, but your bills are still greater than your paycheck? Can your mind be at ease when you’re almost approved for food stamp assistance, but right now you don’t even have enough groceries for a mayonnaise sandwich? Can you sleep in peace knowing that your favorite team has improved, but now your starting quarterback and best wide receiver are on the injured list, and they may not make it to the playoffs this year?

It’s possible and it’s okay. God wants you to trust Him to bring you peace, even when things are almost peaceful. If you’re on the brink of what you’ve been praying for, but you’re too overwhelmed to receive it, take a break. It may lead to an even greater BREAKthrough.

4 thoughts on “BREAKthrough

  1. Jazmine Nailon says:

    Thanks Jamie!!! This is a good word. I myself started my shirts and they were “hot” but life started to happen and I felt like God wants us to be at our best and sometimes we are the our best when we’ve worked ourselves to death. It’s okay to break when he says break but when he give the green light we must MOVE 🙂

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