Have you ever applied for a job and received a rejection letter? It might have read something like this:

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your interest. At this time, we have decided to pursue other candidates whose background and skills more closely match our requirements for this position.

We wish you the best of luck as you try to find your place in life!

If I had a dollar for every time I received one of these… Why was I not considered? What could I have done better? Did I make a typo? These are just a few questions that run through my mind after being rejected, but it all comes down to this; To the decision maker, I was simply unqualified.

This is exactly how I have felt about some of the biggest aspects of my life. I’ve always had a heart to be someone that inspires people, along with a strong desire to be a wife and a mother. However, I never felt qualified. I honestly thought that if I started a blog, I would be rejected. No one would read what I had to say, and my time spent praying and writing would be in vain. God proved me wrong. My past had me believing that I was good enough to be a fiancée, but incapable of becoming a wife. Yet again, God proved me wrong. I was excited about expecting a bundle of joy, but deep down, I was terrified of the responsibility of caring for a child, because I didn’t know how to. Of course, God came through once more!


I have learned that God definitely qualifies the called, but only for what he has called them to. Did you catch that? I can testify that I have l had success in everything God has given me a desire for. Yet, I have received rejection from things that I now realize were no good for me. My perspective on rejection has been forever changed.

Is there something in your life that you feel unqualified for? A task? A job? A marriage? Pray about it. If it’s for you, have faith that God will equip you with all you need to thrive, whether you feel qualified or not. If you are denied, count it all joy. Consider those rejection letters a blessing and trust that the decision is in your favor.

Remember this for whatever God has promised you: You do meet the criteria. You do match the qualifications. You are the perfect candidate. You are qualified!


A woman who is becoming everything she doubted she could be.

5 thoughts on “Unqualified

  1. MorgynBritt says:

    I picked up on your blog some time ago, and randomly checked my email & saw you made a new post. Glad i checked because this spoke to many on so many levels. Thank you Very much for sharing this…as it was well needed and ON TIME.

  2. Clarissa says:

    Glad I read this one. Currently, going through the job “rejection phase”, after having a baby. This has encouraged me during a time when I was growing discouraged. Thank you for being obedient Jamie. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  3. Buffy Anissa says:

    Rejection, is a cycle that repeats in one form or another. Keep the positive outlook for your future in all areas of your life and YES pray about those things for direction from God! Great read and reminder for us all!

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