Where’s My Blessing?

Recently, I took a brief vacation from social media. As soon as I logged back on, I saw so many posts about graduations, weddings, pregnancies & babies, promotions, new cars & houses and smiling faces everywhere. Everyone has it going on these days! While it gives me great joy to see my friends and associates so happy and blessed, it can also be a bit depressing. Now I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves or our situations to other people’s, but social media gives us a huge platform to do just that. It’s so hard not to compare when the only things people post about are good things. We will post about our big promotion, but won’t tell you about how we struggled to find a job. We are quick to post our new bundle of joy when they’re not even an hour old yet, but we won’t tell you about the miscarriages that came before. We are quick to post pictures of that luxury car we just bought, but would park all the way on the other side of the parking lot so you wouldn’t see us getting out of that 1995 Toyota Corolla with only 3 hubcaps (That’s me…ha ha). It’s not that you are required to share your disappointments or even anything at all, but maybe there’s someone on your timeline that needs to hear about it. After all, those things are a part of our testimony too. With all of that being said, here’s mine:


In the past year, I got a new car, my own apartment, brand new furniture and a good paying job with a promotion. Woo hoo! It may not seem like much to you, but I’m so very grateful because it could be and has been worse. Before I got my new car, I had a car that only worked sometimes, and asking strangers to jump my car got old really fast. Before I got my own place, I was living with my mom. Yes, at 23 years old, I was sleeping in my stepbrother’s room with my stuff in boxes everywhere. Before I got my furniture, I was sleeping on an air mattress. Yeah, I know what they say about the girls who sleep on air mattresses, but have the Michael Kors bags and all that…lol, but I really had no other option and let me point out that I got my purse on sale at Payless. I literally cried when I got a real bed. Before I got my job in Dallas, I had no idea how I was going to make money to pay my bills. I had to borrow money to pay my rent and got behind on my car note and insurance payments. Thank God, I survived the storm and He had a greater plan. It all worked out for my good, just like He promised.

This meme was so funny to me and sad at the same time, because this was once my reality.

Even after all of the good things that have happened to me this past year, I’m still not in a perfect position. Despite what seems like a permanent smile on my face, I still struggle with things daily. I don’t have my dream job and still haven’t started grad school. Not to mention, I’m now 25 years old with no husband, no kids, and no concrete plans for the future, but I’m still blessed. If you’re reading this, I just want you to know that if you feel overwhelmed and you’re facing some difficult times, you’re not alone. When you look on Facebook and everyone is happy and everyone is getting blessed, but you, remember that it’s mostly a façade.


We all have tests before our testimonies, and sometimes, we have a pop quiz right after. It’s ok. It’s not just you. If you’re wondering where your blessing is, just stay faithful and keep pressing on. God has one for you too.

314 thoughts on “Where’s My Blessing?

  1. Toya says:

    OMG I’m literally in tears right now. I have been having these same thoughts about where is my blessing. I’m in the middle of a storm right now but I know God is awesome and faithful and I will be fine. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have a new faithful reader!! Also congrats on all your blessings I know that living with mom struggle all to well.

    1. Richalene says:

      All in my business. I have been unemployed for three weeks, don’t mind the living home with mom because its a blessing even at 50. Every word or scripture today says God will keep his promises. I have been so discouraged by people who makes promises and fail to communicate. I was Peter today, broke out my old resume going back to the familiar (fishing). Let’s see what I catch after fishing all night!

  2. Jasmine Hughes says:

    Very well articulated. Thank you for this. Sometimes I need to here this from someone else. It’s really hard convincing one’s self of this after so long. But thank you so much.

  3. Brea says:

    This was right on time! I’m been a bit vocal about my hardships to show the “other side” of life on social media but it’s hard to stay positive sometimes when everybody seems like they have it going on and you don’t. But this and my bible quote this morning reminded me where I need to put my focus. Thanks for sharing!

  4. c says:

    Not to be a Debbie downer, but I’m in my late 20s and have been struggling for years, lost jobs,breakups, single mother, college drop out, debt for days, and death all that has been going on i don’t know if I can or will ever get it or make it right. This is more than a storm this is my life I wish every day it will end. You are very lucky congratulations on your success.)

    1. Andre B says:

      @C Don’t ever wish it would end, I know this will be hard but if you need help please seek it. There are many people out there who are able and willing to help. There are even some who are not looking for anything in return.
      Also it’s not about you getting it right, God knows what he is doing. Trust in that.

    2. Jay says:

      I want you to know that you can make it right. I’m in a similar position but i remain hopeful, and God continues to open doors for me on a daily basis. It will get better, don’t give up.

    3. Jamie Rachelle says:


      Thank you for reading and sharing your story as well. I want you to know that you have so much to live for. Just as I wrote this post, someone needs to hear your story too. Our struggles aren’t always just for ourselves. You have a purpose which is why you’re still here. Please don’t give up! I am praying for you.

    4. rena says:

      Keep your head up and keep pushing. I can atest this is my life as well but you said single mother so if you don’t strive for no one else your kid is enough. I’m currently homeless, no job, rejection after rejection, living house to house, my son living apart from me now, lost my car, a 6 year relationship (thank god its gone), friends, family, but I feel I’m being isolated so that I can finally focus on me. Don’t give up!!!!! You are not in this struggle alone!!!! Keep pushing doll

    5. Uzo says:

      Don’t accept this as your life, because I know God has great things in store for you and I know I don’t know you……but I feel like God wanted me to tell you this is your year for greater!!! Just believe it and receive it!

    6. JJ says:

      C, if anyone tells you they have had no struggles, trials, tribulations……. they probably are not being honest. Jamie’s story is common to many (self included). What I am about to say, you have probably heard before, but listen, think about it and pray about it.

      1. Don’t judge yourself or define success based on others (your truth is your own and how we define success determines our own happiness)
      2. Be happy and grateful for what you have (while planning and working toward something better)
      3. Anything that comes too easily is usually not appreciated as much as that for which we toiled
      4. Failures help us appreciate success, the trick is to learn from our mistakes
      5. Align yourself with persons who are spiritually uplifting, uplifted and ambitious
      I could go on, but the most important advice I have……. Make God your anchor!
      Everything that is not working out, bring it to Him.
      Things do work out, bring it to Him.
      Need support at your lowest point, bring it to Him.
      Ask for patience while you await his blessings.
      Ask for insight, to see and appreciate the lesson in a negative circumstance.
      Ask for humility when you do reach your goal.
      Tether yourself to Him. And you will weather any of life’s storms.

      Good luck to you and don’t shut people out. We were not created to be alone.

  5. Esra Asoratti (@Designeresra) says:

    Love this. Thank you for sharing. So true. Some lives might seem so perfect, but in reality behind the surface they are full of pain and struggles. It’s naive of us to even think that someone’s life is perfect, no matter how greener their grass looks it’s still missing many elements that we know nothing about. So many people come to me with many envious comments and negative vibes thinking that my life is too amazing even if I tell them otherwise.
    It makes me so sad when I get comments like “I am so jealous” or “where did you get money to do this”, etc. Even when I explain my ways and methods to do the positive things in my life and how it could be done, sometimes people don’t want to hear it. I think people need to focus on growing and letting others grow instead of feeling disheartened that they are doing better.
    We will all be blessed in time and it will all workout.

  6. vocalsbyc says:

    Thank you soooooo much!!! All week I have been feeling down and this read has given me determination, confidence, and patience. All things work together for good to them that love God. I know I have a blessing with my name on it!!!

  7. Silksachet says:

    I completely agree with everything about this blog…your are so right, social media, can be the devil sometimes. And its not really the internet, its the people pressing the send button. You are putting up this front, but the 2 most important people know the truth: you and God…smdh

  8. dawn says:

    Great post. Especially love this part cause it’s so do true “We all have tests before our testimonies, and sometimes, we have a pop quiz right after.”

  9. shiontae4iedda says:

    I am so happy that I found this and am so thankful that you shared something other than what is generally shared. I have elected to do the same on my platform and am using this as fuel to share my story. Your words are not only uplifting but also encouraging. I would like to say, don’t focus on what you don’t have because you already have a lot. The hubby and kids will come just keep being amazing. You are on the right path and are destined for greatness.

  10. Christina says:

    Wow this is sooooo true and much needed this really helped me out a lot and made me feel a lot better I’m so grateful for this GOD shows us things at the right time this was much needed may he Bless us All !

  11. January says:

    Thanks for sharing your testimony. I believe that God works in mysterious ways. He has a plan for you, you just need to keep pushing harder every single day. There will be things that get you down, but God created you and he knows that you will always succeed. Good Luck with everything. I hope that you accomplish all of your long term and short term goals.

  12. Carmen L. Carrion Falcon says:

    what an amazing blog; good for you that you have discovered this. Social media is peoples way to appear to the word what they are not….it has its positive sides too, I love seeing my family and friends pictures etc when they are far, but i could do without the consistent selfies and negative comments. At the end of the day we each have a story and live our own reality. May God bless you and may you live a simple and happy life. Best, Carmen C

  13. Racquel says:

    This picked me right up….. 34 no kids no husband and was thinking the same thing where is my blessing..when will my family come…. but I trust in God and will keep on praying and keeping the faith… Thanks for sharing.

  14. Kaekae says:

    I would love to touch base with you, I’m Jamaican and I been expressing these same views to my associates with the hope of empowering and strengthening our sisters….struggling with self worth and niggled by the complexities that reflex success, progressive living and bothered with the ‘when will it be my turn?’ question, I loved this piece and I concur with your sentiments I hope we will be able to communicate soon enough as I do have plans to start my nonprofit women’s empowerment movement and with the assistant of visionaries like yourself I know I will accomplish much. All the best to you, we all can figure it out together.

  15. Terry says:

    I don’t kniw who you are but thank you a million, God knows I needed to hear this because this Is so me

  16. Corbin says:

    There’s beauty in putting yourself in a vulnerable place. I’m LITERALLY going through the some very similar struggles. Just got a new job, new car, new place (with a roommate, BAD IDEA). My roommate hasn’t paid a bill in 2 months, he’s been $200+ short on the rent for the last two months. Then decides to just move out! Now I’m stuck with a $1300 apartment, I can’t afford it by myself. I literally have the next 5 days to make something happen.
    We all have our own struggles, it’s sometimes good to know that other people have struggled and overcome similar situations. Thanks for sharing your story.

  17. Traval Mensah says:

    God bless you for your testimony & for your words of encouragement. My faith has been reassured & I know God has a better plan for all of us who think we have nothing going for ourselves.

  18. Michelle Edgerson says:

    I know u don’t know me, but…Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency. It is very refreshing. Continue to trust Him and stand on His promises. Many of us struggle with a smile…many.

  19. ModernDayKay says:

    So glad I came across this on my TL. I always try to remind myself God’s timing won’t always coincide with mines and that’s where my faith and trust truly should validate how strong my relationship is with Him and Jesus Christ that I give all my troubles to Him. I really don’t get caught up in the marriage/babies/relationship ones because I want that to happen naturally and marriage and children come from God, but I do find myself stressing about a job. One thing I ask for daily is patience because Lord knows, I don’t have much (lol), but I have to stay focused on the ultimate prize and that’s to be able to rejoice in heaven with The Lord. Social media has such a heavy influence on the world and you really have to be mentally strong to look at it as what it’s worth face value–just pictures. Thank’s for opening up and sharing. 🙂


  20. Amoi says:

    Beautifully said. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and honour you for your honesty. I have struggles but God be praised nonetheless, I can count my struggles but I can’t count my blessings, they r just too many.

  21. DJ Smedley says:

    You gave a powerful testimony. Everything you want and need will come in it’s time and it will be more than you could ever imagine. You are the best. Keep going! Nothing but blessings for you always.

  22. Agatha hubbard says:

    This really touched me. I’m in a similar situation but I have a baby on the way. I’m barely making but I thank God that me and my baby father are together. This post has inspired me to not look at the negatives going on in my life while watching my fb and ig friends living there dreams, but to go out and chase mine! Thank you for this post. Trouble does not last always. Thank for this 🙂

  23. Donica H says:

    You were truly a blessing today for me. I am currently experiencing God’s form of growing pains. I am turning 25 this year and all year I have been calling this my year before the golden year. Your blog post showed me that my journey is not tainted by not having it all together. Thank you for blessing me today.

  24. Nik says:

    This post is honestly exactly what I needed to see, being 25 as well and no idea about my future while it seems everyone’s got it figured out is definitely tough! Thank you so much for posting this!! You have no idea how bad I needed to read this

  25. Ms. Lyriq 2 u says:

    I think your view of things on social media is a bit flawed. I don’t always post the bad part of a blessing because it’s not for everyone. The joys in life are meant to be shared and celebrated by many. People are so quick to be negative! (When was the last time you filed a compliment and not a complaint?) You should look at the timeline as a means of look what COULD be accomplished instead of why haven’t I accomplished it. Everyone is at different stages in their life so it’s wrong to compare yourself to them. At 35, I’ve bought a home, own 2 cars and a motorcycle, 2 degrees and yes my dream job, but my accomplishments didn’t come without struggle and for that I’m grateful but still humble. I’m not married and still long for children, but that’s part of my journey. Every post has a journey, and sometimes you have to stop looking at the route just to see the destination…

    1. Jamie Rachelle says:

      Thank you for your comment. I disagree that my view is flawed, however. Everyone is entitled to their own perception and judging by the massive amount of response to this post, a lot of people see things this way. I never meant to imply that sharing your joys is wrong and I was not intending to be negative at all. It is wrong to compare and to be envious, but it’s human nature. Sharing your testimony might help someone else get through their test. That was the moral of the post. Congratulations on your success and I wish you much more!


  26. Sonja says:

    I needed to read that. I to am going through a storm. I believe and know it’s just temporary and a test. God is just testing me to see if I can indure the storm. I feel like giving up at time but, I have 3 children I have to keep moving and provide for that didn’t ask to be here. No im not where I wanted to be in life but im thankful for a job, a roof over my head, food to eat, healthy children, transportation. God will bless me more he just wants to see how grateful I am with what I do have. Keep your head up sister and keep pressing on.

  27. Kelsey says:

    Thank you for this! God has an awesome way of showing that he is working…I currently feel just like this post…but that was my confirmation to keep my faith strong and keep believinf. Thank you!

  28. joyage says:

    I needed to hear this. Just last Sunday my job manager told me that last week was the last week that the restaurant would be open until they finished making the necessary changes. Of course I smiled and said OK but in reality I’m thinking damn I’m fucked what am I go to do, I’ve never been laid off from any job before. Well that kind of dropped my spirit at work. I tried to keep working and serve my customers to the best of my ability but not having a job kept popping up in my head. After a while I went in the bathroom and just cried (I didn’t want my coworkers to see me crying) I came back out after a few minutes and every time I did the tears wouldn’t stop falling. Finally I said I need to do something about this. I went on indeed.com and started filling out applications through my phone. My résumé was already saved there so I applied to all the jobs that just required my résumé. I did about 10 applications and felt good about it. By the time I got off work which was about 7 I checked my email and it said I had a phone interview August 10 for one of the jobs I applied to. I felt happy then. I still felt pressured because when I went home and told my family about my last week work they started throwing a million questions my way. You should do this…Why you won’t do this? Have you talk to so in so? It was too much for me in one day plus I already had a migraine. Well I kept praying and waiting and knew that something would come through. After all of my struggling and stressing here’s where the blessing comes. Yesterday I woke up to check my email like I always do in the morning; when I received an email from a HR job that I don’t even recall applying for. Anyways it said your résumé has been approved we would like to interview you we think you qualify for a position we have open. I jumped up so fast I didn’t know what to do. I immediately started preparing myself for the interview which was on Google hangouts. I did my interview and had a few doubt’s that I wouldn’t get the job due to a few questions that I didn’t know the answers to. Once I was all done, I was asked if I was ready to hear my scoring. What came next made me leap for joy. Congratulations you got the job! And that’s not the best part, the best part is I’ll be working from home. I felt so blessed I couldn’t stop talking about it all day. I realized that while you’re celebrating someone else’s blessing never give up on your own blessing. Its in God’s timing that your blessing will be received.

    1. Jamie Rachelle says:

      I’m so happy you were inspired by my post and even happier for you and your new job. Congratulations! There’s a time and a purpose for everything. This is definitely your season!

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