Little Things

It has been confirmed. After 7 years of marriage, Beyonce` and Jay-Z are still going strong, despite numerous reports and rumors of cheating and divorce. To commemorate their love once again, Beyonce has released a new song dedicated to her husband entitled, Die For You. No, she didn’t buy him jewelry or a car with her millions to show her love and appreciation, but her gesture was still grand. What little things are you doing in your relationship to reassure and reaffirm your love for your significant other?

Sure, you tell your partner that you love them, care for them and/or miss them all the time. You say it, text it, and might even tweet it, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Everyone needs a little reassurance sometimes, and there are plenty of ways to express your love that don’t include spending a lot of money or much planning. The little things always count.

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 There are a lot of ways to reiterate your care for your lover and to make them feel more confident about your adoration for them. You may not be as musically inclined as Beyonce` or Jay-Z, but you could write an old fashioned letter instead of a song. If you’re not a good writer, you can purchase a pre-written greeting card. Even the smallest gestures such as taking on chores that your partner normally does, so they don’t have to, could mean a lot. Cook for them, help them relax, rub their back or feet after a long day. Those are all small gestures that actually mean a lot.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of ways to reaffirm your love. Grand gestures are always appreciated, but remember that any effort is better than nothing at all, even after 7 long years.

This post was originally written for the Relationship Goals column for N’Visioned Magazine.

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