April Fool

It’s Spring time. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and everywhere you look, love is in the air! In honor of one of the most infamous Spring holidays, April Fools Day, let’s talk about every person’s worst nightmare in a relationship: playing the fool. You may ask, what does this really mean? Well, that’s what Wikipedia is for. According to them, foolishness is the lack or failure of wisdom and of making proper careful choices. In this sense, it differs from stupidity, which is the lack of intelligence.

Let’s face it. Love can make us do some crazy things. When people are blinded by being in love, they often become foolish and stop making wise and practical decisions. Have you ever witnessed someone get cheated on over and over again just to get back with their lover each time? Maybe you’ve seen someone in an abusive relationship and wondered why they won’t just leave. That’s just plain stupid, right? Wrong. It’s foolish.

Click the photo above to read the current #RelationshipGoals post at nvisionedmagazine.com.

Often, when we’re in unhealthy or unsuitable relationships, we don’t notice because we can’t see past the fantasy of being in love. Even when our friends or family constantly point out the negatives, we make excuses for them. We will fight to prove that the good in our relationship outweighs the bad even if it’s not true. Make sure to keep your mind open and consider that your relationship is truly beneficial and it’s what’s best for you. If you analyze your situation and realize you’re playing the fool, don’t panic. Get yourself together and have faith that God has a better relationship for you that won’t require you being foolish.

Nobody wants to play the fool and nobody deserves to. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality. Don’t wait until something drastic happens to snap out of your foolishness. Remember to follow your heart, but take your mind with you.


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