Villain Vixen

In support of my modeling, writing and other creative passions, I recently did an interview with and will be featured as a Villain Vixen. I’m honored and grateful for the opportunity and I’m excited to share it with you all. If you’re reading this, I want to take a brief moment to simply say thank you. Your continued love and support is always appreciated. Before you read the interview, here’s a little info about Music Villain:


Music Villain’s mission is setting the standard in Hip Hop. Music Villain not only brings you the latest in music, but also reminds you why the music inspires you. Villain Vixen is a platform for the beautiful, intelligent, strong, and sexy woman. Villain Vixen gives the readers the opportunity to see life through the lens of models, singers, actresses, dancers, and more on the rise to stardom.

Click HERE to read my Villain Vixen interview on

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