Real Relationship Goals

Matching Jordans, his and hers range rovers and couple selfies in the bathroom mirror; These are all things that show up in my Instagram feed when I search the hashtag #RelationshipGoals. No wonder our generation has commitment issues. We seem to value the things that matter the least and degrade what should matter most. With television shows like Love and Hip Hop being a source of inspiration for “true love”, we’re doomed for relationship failure. We have got to do better.

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Since we live in a generation of not being in love and not being together, according to Drake, I came up with my very own list of relationship goals. Check out these 3 tips to help you establish a real bond with a special someone:

  1. Make sure you’re equally yoked.

The Bible refers to being unequally yoked as a believer being with a non-believer. However, you and your partner can be unequally yoked by having different goals and values in life. Pursue someone that can complement your ambition and mission. You should never try to mold someone into your perfect match.

  1. Build a solid foundation.

You cannot build a relationship without trust. Ladies, going through your man’s phone is NEVER a good idea! Save your sanity and his. If you can’t trust your mate, you shouldn’t move any further in your relationship until this issue is completely resolved.

  1. Love like there’s no tomorrow.

These days, everything seems to be temporary; especially relationships. One reason is because we take everything for granted. You’ll stop believing that you have all the time in the world when you’re 30 and single. Nobody wants to tell the story of the one who got away. Take advantage of every opportunity to love.

I hope you enjoyed my tips. While you’re in the mall shopping for matching sneakers and posting your usies on the Gram, keep these in mind.


2 thoughts on “Real Relationship Goals

  1. Kris Johnson says:

    Why so harsh on being 30 or older and single????? Guys doesn’t mature fully until there 30s if you ask me….. And making it to 30 years of age as a black man from the inner city is a milestone, especially with 0 baby mommies & no felonies….. For me personally I’m still building my brand….. Being in a relationship takes a lot of energy and focus which is hard for a guy that’s on a mission to secure his path & reach financial independence, residual income….. Why live on a time schedule????? I’m happy and that is all that really matters right???? Being happy should be the foremost number one priority on all of our schedules….. Just my thoughts and opinions…..

    1. Jamie Rachelle says:

      Thanks for your response, Kris! While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single at any age, a lot of adults begin to consider setting down at or around age 30. The implication wasn’t that it’s frowned upon to be 30 and single. Rather, it was a statement to support the idea that we should value our time, especially when it comes to love.

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