Damage Control: Daily Curl Routine



The photo above illustrates about a year and a half of growth. I’m a naturally curly girl and while I was in college, I became addicted to my blow dryer and flat iron. I put so much heat on my hair that I lost my curl pattern. I was so sad! ūüė¶ I wanted my curls back but I couldn’t commit to a big chop, which is what most women do when transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. So two years ago, I started some damage control. I trimmed of the damage little by little, put the hot tools down and opted for more natural hairstyles. Now my curls are back and better than ever!

I get compliments on my hair all of the time so, as requested, I’m sharing my daily hair care routine below.




I started taking better care of my curls by limiting my use of sulfate shampoo. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week with Pantene Pro V Co-Wash which is a cleansing conditioner. No shampoo needed!

About twice a month, I use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo to get rid of any product build up on my hair and I follow with Pantene Pro V Deep Conditioner to replenish and moisturize my hair.




For styling after I wash my hair, I use the LOC method: Leave-in-conditioner, Oil, and Curl gel or cream. Between wash days, I wet my hair before styling and use only the leave-in-conditioner and curl gel.

I use all Garner Fructis products because they’re inexpensive and they work well for my hair.

1: Apply leave-in-conditioner to damp hair.

2: Rub Moroccan oil onto the ends of hair and work your way up. Don’t apply it to your scalp to avoid buildup.

3: Spray curl gel into the palm of your hands and distribute it through your hair. Scrunch your hair to define your curls.




I usually leave the house with damp hair and let it air dry on the way to my destination. I try not to touch it to avoid frizz.




After your hair dries, rock your curls! I hope this post helps you on your curl journey. Here are a few additional tips for damage control:

-Use a natural deep conditioner at least once a month. (egg yolks and olive oil works for me)

-Trim your damaged ends often. You can’t repair damage, you can only mask it.

-Use natural styles like twist outs and perm rods to help you in your transition back to healthy curls.


Thanks for reading and remember to share with a friend!



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