Flat Twists & Perm Rods Tutorial

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Finally, a new natural hair style tutorial! This one was an experiment from boredom and I think it turned out nice. So here are the simple instructions:

Step 1: Apply your favorite styling products and twist damp hair from root to tips in sections around your head. Secure the ends with perm rods.

Step 2: Allow your hair to air dry or sit under a dryer.

Step 3: Once your hair is completely dry, remove the perm rods and untwist your hair. Be sure to put oil or serum on your fingers as you untwist to reduce frizz. Style as desired.

Products used: Garnier leave in conditioner and pomade.

This hairstyle is simple and should work well with most hair textures. If the weather elements choose not to agree with your hair as they did mine, check out my Bad Hair Day Fix post to see how I created the look below with just two bobby pins!


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