The Bald Movement


My junior high school cheerleading coach always said, “Your hair is your crown and glory.” That seems to ring especially true these days. Everywhere you look on social media, you see women with heads full of hair, often times, extensions or weave, way down their backs. I too, am a hair diva. Although I’m all natural, I couldn’t imagine myself with short or no hair. That is until, I learned about The Bald Movement.

According to founder and my former classmate, Nell Coleman, “The BALD Movement was designed to support & serve women & children of all ages and races to Embrace their Baldness no matter the cause. The Bald Movement is a (pending) Non Profit Organization that empowers women of all races and ages in their reason or desires of being BALD. Many woman have made the conscious choice to be without hair, others have been placed in circumstance of medical and physical, rendering theses women without a choice of being bald due to the inevitable loss of hair. The goal of The Bald Movement is “To unite, support, and empower one another to embrace the essence of being BALD”


I think this is awesome! Felling inspired, by her vision, I immediately liked The Bald Movement’s Facebook page and began following them on Instagram. I felt awkward at first because I, myself am not bald, but now I see so many beautiful bald women on my timeline daily; Some bald from battling Cancer, some with Alopecia, and some who just love being Bald & Beautiful! (That’s a great title for another blog, btw) These women are motivating because although they don’t have Indian Remy down to their bums, they are gorgeous and exude so much confidence!

Needless to say, The Bald Movement is an organization worth supporting. Whether you’re bald or not, it’s a great cause and you’ll be inspired. “The Bald Movement is here to erase the adage of hair is everything and ADD that we as individual women are everything and hair is an accessory that can be or not be!”

Although my hair may be my crown and glory, the ladies of The Bald Movement have taught me that it definitely doesn’t define me.

Visit The Bald Movement’s website and Facebook page to show your support!

4 thoughts on “The Bald Movement

  1. thelifeofabaldwoman says:

    Reblogged this on The Life of a BALD Woman and commented:
    I am honored to see this blog written about The Bald Movement. My former classmate wrote this amazing blog on how The Bald Movement has taught her that hair does not define her even though she has and loves her hair. I’m so happy that I’ve opened up our ladies eyes whether bald or head full of hair to teach them that regardless of who you are, Hair does not define you or your beauty…YOU DO!!! I’m honored, Thank you Jamie *hugs*

  2. Constance says:

    Because I’ve lost hair that simply will not grow back or it grows funny. So now I’m wearing braided wigs.. my denial goes so damn deep. However I want to just cut it off. But my esteem and the voices become so loud. Oh don’t do that. I will look funny. Really won’t get a man for real. Well I haven’t had a decent relationship in a long time. Just can’t accept anything. Lol so there it is. So I need to fund a barber that’s sensitive or I feel comfortable. It only takes 5 minutes I really don’t have 20 minutes if hair to cut. Tears flowing this is deep. But I’m ready

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