Bad Hair Day Fix



I woke up like this!

No, I’m totally kidding. This is my hair after I cowashed it and added some styling products. This was the best my curls have looked in a long time, so you can guess how excited I was to show my hair off. After flaunting my hair for a few hours at an outside event, my hair was beat up.

This happens a lot. Curls sometimes have a mind of their own and they don’t work well with any type of wind or humidity. Sometimes, I’ll go to work with my hair still damp, only to look in the mirror later and see a complete mess on top of my head. If any of these things ever happen to you, here are some tools you can use to save the day:



If you’re away from home with some hair issues, chances are you have a bobby pins, a ponytail holder, or a claw clip in your purse. If not, water is almost always nearby. Utilize these tools in case of a bad hair day emergency.




In each style above, I only used 2 bobby pins. You can achieve these styles by twisting you hair back and pinning it or simply pulling it back and pinning it into place. It’s really easy!



Ponytail holder, rubber band, they’re all the same to me! Use it to pull your hair into a high ponytail, a chic low side ponytail, or even a big curly bun.



This tool has dual capabilities. Not only can it pull you hair back, but it can comb it too! Achieve these styles by gathering your hair and clipping it into place or twisting it into you desired style and securing it with a clip.





Frizzy hair is thirsty hair. Give it some water. Use a spray bottle or use a faucet to wet your hands to give your hair some life or slick it back or to the side.


Any of these tools can help calm your bad hair day and if you have all 4, the possibilities are endless! What’s your go-to hairstyle on a bad hair day? Share it below!

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